Thursday, January 14, 2010

Workforce Diversity...

Topic: Diversity in the work force

Concept and brief description:

A Diverse workforce: The workforce of American business is changing, more and more diverse backgrounds of people are joining the workforce today. As the numbers of racial, ethnic, and gender continue to even out it is growing more important for companies to adapt to the diverse individuals and groups that will be joining their ranks. Statistics show that the fastest growing area is among Asians and those belonging to the group “Others” which do not fall into the category of white, African American, Asian. One of the biggest reasons for the change in workforce diversity is immigration. As the number of new people coming to the United States continues to grow, so too must the diversity of those working here.

Emotional Hook:

I am sure that I am not alone when I say that the change in the diverse people that I work with has altered the way that I go about my work day. I have many co-workers from all over the world and the cultural and ethnic differences cause there be different ways of communication and present miscommunication opportunities as well.

Key Points:

With an ever changing environment at the workplace it is vital be on our toes communicatively. With every different form of diversity comes new challenges to the process of sending and receiving coded messages. It is important that we remain open minded and are aware of the need to be sensitive to the differences between ourselves and our coworkers. If we are able to communicate properly then diversity can be one of the greatest strengths to an organization.

Facilitative Questions:

What are some ways to bring out the positive aspects of group diversity in the workplace?

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