Sunday, January 17, 2010

After thought

So I after discussion in class and some time to think a little bit about the subject, I feel more concrete than ever about this subject. It was not really a surprise to me that my class mates had similar situations as I did, it was however surprising how many times we had all seen issues with workforce diversity, and they were all nearly identical. Our group had all had situations at work where an individual would come into the workplace and would not immediately gel with the group and the change would initially cause some disruption to the equilibrium of the workforce. This is where I was surprised, the group seemed to agree that there was an obvious line that the way this new person was handled would determine the immediate future of the team. When handled poorly the team would suffer and the new individual usually suffered as well and often takes the blame for the follies of the group. If the team is able to adapt to the new member bringing in the diversity then that person's uniqueness acts a springboard to elevate the group to new heights.

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  1. Great opening posts/reflections. Keep up the good work! Be sure to post for each class...