Monday, January 25, 2010

Job Analysis...

Topic: Job Analysis

Concept and brief description:

The text states (I agree), that job analysis is so important to HR managers that it has been called the building block of everything that personnel does. This is true, it s through the proper implementation of the job analysis process that most of the remaining functions of an HR manager can be reduced or eliminated. Here are a few of the duties that go along with job analysis:

- Work Redesign: restructuring a job or responsibilities to maximize each individual

- HR Planning: The process of determining what positions are needed and what each individual is expected to bring to the table for the position.

- Selection: Picking the right person for the job

- Training: Uhm yeah training the person to be able to better perform their duties.

- Performance appraisal: Determining the performance of an individual/team in the opportunity that has been presented.

- Career Planning: Helping an individual and the entity to maximize the long term potential of each individual.

- Job Evaluation: Evaluating jobs to determine an accurate and efficient pay schedule.

Emotional Hook:

I struggle with this section, greatly. I work for the state, and it is no secret that government jobs are not known for maximizing potential at all times and at the State Hospital it is atrocious. I am admittedly biased and perhaps overtly negative regarding the HR department at my place of employment but I feel they are abysmal. The positions are essentially the same as they have been or decades, and the pay is also the same. I have worked there for 5 years and make the same amount as someone who started this morning and the same as someone with 30 years service that may retire tomorrow. Our scheduling and handling of each individual is poor, and it leads to a very high turnover rate and an ever increasing expense for training and hiring, not to mention unqualified workers putting others in predicaments that could be avoided. It also seems to me that a good employee will be let go within weeks of being hired but the “Fat” is never cut from the remainder of the workforce, leaving again underperforming individuals with gainful employment. ARGHHHH!!!

Key Points:

It is a crucial aspect of HR which leads to it being a crucial element of the workplace. For an entity to be truly successful it must be continually improving and performing these tasks. It is only through these processes that the gems can be kept and the others weeded out.

Facilitative Question:

How can an HR manager most efficiently perform these tasks?

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  1. I like your emotional hook, I can really feel your emotion (frustration) in it. Hopefully once you get done with school you can move on to something a lot better.