Thursday, January 28, 2010


Discussion Topic: Recruiting

Concept and brief description:

Recruiting: The purpose of recruiting is to continuously maintain a pool to hire new candidates from to prevent having a shortage problem. The key is to always have a replacement ready to fill a need as quickly as possible once a position is opened. They find candidates, and attempt to have a seamless transition. They act as a buffer between planning and the actual hiring process.

Emotional Hook:

I have an interesting view of recruiting, since I worked as a professional recruiter (headhunter) for a period of time. This was a very intriguing job for me that allowed me to see the hiring process from a whole new prospective. I was able to stand beside the candidate and many different companies to see the variety of different techniques and methods involved in recruiting and placing individuals.

Key points to elicit and discuss:

It is so important to have a good recruiting pool because there have been many times that I have seen a staff shortage that causes many issues due to having no qualified people to replace the person that left.

Facilitative question:

What are some additional benefits to recruiting?

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