Monday, February 15, 2010


Topic: Employee Assistance Programs (EAP)

The Rundown:

Employee assistance programs were originally designed as a way to help treat those struggling with alcoholism in the 50’s and then later they added drug abuse in the 80’s and now have included mental health as well. Some places use them along with terminating the employee offering them a place to get better after while they look for new employment. Now many companies use them as part of a benefits package or as an additional supplemental help kit. The degree of treatment varies as well with some places offering extreme amounts of help and others offering minimal assistance to employees.

Da Hook:

I spend a lot of time bagging on my employer on this blog. This topic however I must give them credit for. They are above and beyond, they bring in mental health officials regularly to meet confidentially with employees and to set up meetings outside of work to further the treatment if needed. It is all at no cost to the employee and if an even more aggressive treatment is needed our benefits package covers a great deal of this as well. I have never used it personally but I know that some of my co-workers have and that they have spoken very highly of the program and the help that they received.


It is vital to a company’s long term health to assist its employees when they are incapable of helping themselves, EAP’s are a great way for them to do this and if made known to employees effectively can be a huge asset to the people of the company.


How can employers best inform their people about the different EAP’s they offer?

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